IT Cloud Solutions

Looking to save money on infrastructure?

Are your in-house systems letting you down?

If you’re looking for a Brisbane IT Support company that knows about cloud computing, the benefits, the risks and the know-how to get you there, ContinuIT is your destination.

At ContinuIT we live in the cloud, we run both Google Apps for Business and Office 365 and we have clients on both of these core cloud platforms. We’ve helped businesses migrate to the cloud and we do everything we can to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Moving infrastructure into the cloud, be-it a Software as a Service application like Salesforce or a private cloud solution, running your business applications on a VPS or Dedicated Hosted Server, is not always a simple task. There are many complex issues to consider. We’ve seen many companies come unstuck because their IT supplier failed to understand the full implications of moving mission-critical services to a hosted environment. Luckily for them, we got involved

We don’t just know about the cloud – we live there

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