IT Strategy

Do you have a business strategy and/or plan?

Does your IT plan align your business plan?

Many small to medium sized businesses have a business plan. Some even have a strategy. In our experience, few have an IT plan or strategy and the few that do, don’t have one that aligns properly to their business plan.

Running a small business is hard work. We know because we run one. When you’re busy trying to keep the company profitable and get your products or services to market, it’s easy to forget how reliant you are on the IT systems that use every day. ContinuIT can help you put together an IT plan that looks at your current IT systems, where you want to take the business and what IT systems and services you’re likely to need to help you get there.

IT Strategy and Planning isn’t rocket science, but doing it properly does require a sound knowledge of current technologies, technology trends and an analytic and detailed mind. ContinuIT consultants have the knowledge and experience in both Business Analysis and IT infrastructure operations combined with years of strategic IT planning experience.

Some of the high-level tasks we do well:

  • Identify shortcomings in your current IT systems and processes
  • Help you formulate and IT Strategy that’s aligned to your business plan
  • Ensure you have valid disaster recovery plan and suitable backup infrastructure
  • Help re-engineer your processes to make the most out of your current IT investments
  • Identify potential cost-savings in your IT budget

Don’t just get advice. Get the right advice.
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