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Finding reliable IT Consulting in Brisbane

For many small to medium sized businesses, IT is not high on their agenda. It’s a necessary evil that sucks money away from their core business. Often confusing, complex and expensive, technology is regularly viewed as an expense instead of an asset.

I believe that one of the main reasons we have such a poor view of IT in the SMB space is that all too often, IT Consultants are called in to solve business problems and sometimes those consultants only know one thing – IT. This is great if you know for sure that what you need is a technology solution but our experience indicates that’s rarely the case. This leads to expensive programs of work that don’t produce good outcomes.

The reality is that not all business problems are solved with technology. A significant percentage of our success stories over the years have involved a combination of process changes, training and some form of technology adjustment (albeit, new technology or modifications to existing technology). A good IT consultant takes the time to understand your business, the problem(s) you’re having and what your desired outcome is. It’s focusing on the outcome that yields the best results.

Over that time, I’ve also learned that the business owners and key stakeholders have to take responsibility for some of the problematic projects that appeared around the traps. In short, I’ve seen plenty of stakeholders, tell consultants what the solution should be. An inexperienced consultant will simply give them what they ask for and this won’t necessarily achieve the desired outcome. A seasoned professional IT Consultant will always steer the conversation towards outcomes and defining how we get from point A to point B.

Small projects require the same diligence as large projects. Not understanding what the customer wants to achieve can leave you with an unhappy customer, a failed project and no chance of repeat business. I personally know a lot of IT consultants in Brisbane and have worked with many in both large and small environments on projects with budgets of five thousand dollars through to a hundred million dollars. Many are excellent operators and I’ve learned much from them. Some have been the exact opposite.

So what should you look for when shopping around for an IT Consultant in Brisbane? I’d suggest that the first thing is to test if the consultant is listening. You want to find someone who’s willing to take the time to understand the problem before they offer a solution. You want an IT consultant that understands the importance of sharing information and has excellent communication skills. Technologies come and go. Finding people with a particular technical skillset is relatively easy. Finding someone you can rely on to understand your business and who’ll get invested in your success is a far more valuable resource.

Find an IT consultant you can trust. Someone who’ll go the extra mile and is willing to stand by their recommendations and remedy any issues when and if they arise. There are many IT Consultants in Brisbane but not all are equally skilled, experienced or qualified to offer you the support and assistance your business deserves. Shop around and don’t settle for second best.

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