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IT Consulting in Brisbane

Do you need someone to manage a critical IT project in your business?

Need sound advice to salvage an IT project going off-the-rails?

Are you looking for the right IT strategy to take your business to the next level?

Having the right project manager and getting the right advice are critical in the delivery of better IT services to your organisation. At ContinuIT, we understand that. We totally get that you don’t want to spend big on IT consultants that charge a fortune and deliver very little. Our consultants are interested in one thing and one thing only: to deliver you the result you’re looking for at a price you’re happy to pay.

ContinuIT’s primary consultants have over 25 years industry experience (each) working for, and/or consulting to large enterprises and small businesses alike. We’ve designed networks for newspapers, implemented ERP systems for state electricity distributors, managed Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) projects and successfully relocated companies. With broad skill sets we use our experience and knowledge to provide organisations with an end-to-end view of service delivery and minimise risks in the project delivery lifecycle. We know how to get the job done and how to make the best use of the resources available to us. We offer the following consulting services:
  • Infrastructure Architecture and Strategy
  • Reporting and EPM
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis and Management Reporting
  • Operational Efficiency (specific to IT Service Delivery)
  • IT Strategy
  • Risk and Business Continuity Management

Brisbane IT consultants aren’t hard to find, but finding IT consultants in Brisbane with the right mix of skills to meet the many challenges that small to medium sized businesses face can be difficult. Save yourself some pain, and give ContinuIT a call.

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