Small Business IT Support

Being an SMB ourselves, ContinuIT understand small business and how important it is to have a minimalist approach to IT. Small business owners want and need IT solutions that just work – maximum functionality with minimal complexity and cost. Our enterprise experience can be of great benefit to small businesses, so why not use it?

How can we help?

ContinuIT can help your small business in a number of areas including:

  • Business Relocation – organising phone and data relocation to minimise your downtime
  • Support of your Servers and PCs – for those times when things fail
  • IT Advice – are you making the right IT investments? Is your IT costing you too much?
  • Hardware and Software – we can help you get the right IT infrastructure at the right price.
  • Moving to the cloud – we live there. ContinuIT understand all of the issues with cloud computing and can help you make the right decisions.

Worried about the cost? No Need.

Our pricing model considers both the complexity of your environment and the knowledge and skills required to perform the work that you need done. If yours is like most small businesses, your environment will most likely not be complex and the tasks are likely to be relatively simple (compared to a large organisation). If you have complex systems and processes, you’ll most likely be aware that these require more complex management and have greater associated service costs.

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