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Syntura chooses ContinuIT to rebrand

It was only 2 weeks ago that Syntura came to ContinuIT with a request for us to assist them in updating their web presence. In that short time, ContinuIT created a website that has elevated the visual web profile of Syntura significantly.

Syntura Homepage

ContinuIT used its stream-lined processes to go from proof-of-concept with a mock-up of the new design, to launching the website in under 2 weeks. Our solution included:

  • New logo design;
  • Assistance with formulating and editing content
  • Site layout
  • Image editing and selection
  • hosting; and
  • a 12 month support package

ContinuIT were able to deliver to Syntura’s incredibly tight timeframe because we took the time to properly consult with the key stakeholders and understand their business, their requirements, how they wanted to present themselves. With all this mind, we had a prototype up and running in less than 2 weeks and with some minor tweaking, we had approval to publish on our hosting environment, all within 10 working days.

When asked why ContinuIT? The answer was predictable…

Syntura chose ContinuIT for our web design and development because of the competitive price and valuable add-on services included in the proposal. These included matching our website to the company vision with?excellent graphics and layouts. Syntura would recommend ContinuIT for small companies who need a web presence but have limited experience in setting up a website.

said Tony Clifford of Syntura.

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