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How do YOU value IT?

When it comes to IT expenditure, many small businesses and sole traders think of IT with a hint of resentment. It’s something they know they should do, but because many don’t understand IT, nor the potential benefits it can provide to their growing business, they’re reluctant to spend money and when they do, it’s usually not enough or on inappropriate technology or services. Sound familiar? In my experience, I’ve seen this all too often and it’s a trap that can end up costing a business a lot more than they realise.

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Seeing through the Clouds

You can’t visit a IT product or service related website these days without seeing some mention of the “cloud”. It’s the latest buzzword in the IT industry and it seems everyone is getting on the bandwagon – even Apple with their latest iCloud announcement. With all of these “clouds” around, it’s sometimes hard to see where you’re going. In this article, we’ll try and clear-up some of the confusion and put some sunshine back in your life.

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