Worth the wait?

The big question on my mind is will the next iphone be worth the wait?

To Apple fanboys, the answer is a no brainer. Of course it will! To people like me, techs who migrated to the Apple platform after years of disillusionment with M$, find the answer a little less obvious.

Let me explain why. Firstly, let’s have a little look at some what Apple has released over the past 2 years in terms of advancements…

On then hardware front

  • we have a faster, higher-res version of the iPad;
  • we have a faster, higher-res version of the iPhone (in the iPhone 4 and 4S);
  • with the exception of thunderbolt and the introduction of the retina display to macbook pro, we have nothing more than iterative updates of the laptops and desktop platforms; and
  • we’ve had nothing but speed increases in the Mac Pro.

On the software front

  • we have iterative updates to OS X which are dubbed as major advancements but from a user perspective are not significantly different to past versions (since Snow Leopard);
  • we have no significant update to iWork since 2009;
  • iOS has evolved but (with the possible exception if Siri) without significant usability feature benefits;
  • Apple actually dumbed-down the server version of OS X ; and
  • iOS 6 is yet again, an iterative update. I’ve been running all the betas – there’s nothing revolutionary in there.

Now you may well argue against many of the points I raise above, but ask yourself this…Has usability, (the tangible UI components that we use everyday) changed significantly? Have there been any real “WOW” moments? I can’t think of any. I can’t remember in recent Apple history, anything as significant as the release of the 2007 mac lineup, the introduction of the iPhone and release of Snow Leopard. You could potentially chuck the iPad2 and macbook air in there too but to me they’re just variations on a theme.

With me having this kind of lack-luster view on Apple of late, it’s little wonder I’m a bit sceptical about the iPhone 5. Samsung’s Galaxy SIII is one dazzling piece of hardward and the latest version of Android is pretty spiffy. I have to say, as a Google Apps for Business user, I am very tempted to make the switch away from the iPhone. The one big problem I have is that I am so entrenched in Apple everything that, A) I don’t really want to waste all that investment I’ve placed in time to familiarise myself with the platform and B) I don’t want to waste the monetary investment in said apps. This is where they get you people. All of the platforms with their evil little app stores waiting for you to become hooked so don’t change platforms…

Am I alone in my current disillusionment with Apple? I think not. Many people I speak to feel much the same. They feel that Apple has morphed from a innovative technology company into a lucrative marketing company. Will I get sucked in or will Apple actually deliver something in October (hopefully) that will make me eat my words and be glad I stuck around? Only time will tell. I’m holding off my decision on my next phone until after the release of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Stay tuned for an update in October.

…and leave me alone, fanboys. I don’t dislike Apple – just have higher expectations than most.

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